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A high-quality calf table can play an essential role in preparing young cattle for different transitions as they take membership in the herd. They also play an important role in controlling the animal for various veterinary care requirements.

Here at D-S Livestock Equipment, we understand that a quality calf table is a significant investment for any size cattle operation. A long life span helps maximize its value of the course of seasons and many long years.

To that end, our RM 6000 Matador Calf Table is galvanized to prevent rust. The professional galvanization treatment we apply uses electrolysis to apply a coating of zinc to all exterior surfaces. This prevents water from direct contact with the underlying steel.

It has a solid floor and sides to allow calves to enter easily with fewer distractions from the V-type manual head gate. It has the capacity to manage calves in the 300 to 350-pound range. The sides of the chute squeeze evenly from both sides to center the calf with the V-gate. This helps keep their weight balanced to make it easier to roll them over.

The RM 6000 also includes an adjustable head table to keep their head from flopping around when rolled onto the side. The rear of the unit also has a 12-inch strip of carpet-like material to keep the animal from sliding around. All these components work together to hold the calf in a stable position.

If you have a cattle operation and you need a high-quality calf table, you should call 800-949-9997 to speak to a representative at D-S Livestock Equipment.