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If you maintain a cattle ranch or other livestock operation, then calving season is likely a time of frenetic activity. Making sure that the mother and offspring are healthy and comfortable will go a long way toward expanding your operation while also remaining profitable in the long term.

A high-quality calf table can often help expedite the process of monitoring calves, as well as preparing them to join the main herd. It can be a key component for minimizing stress while providing the animal with necessary veterinary care.

Here at D-S Livestock Equipment, we understand that a quality calf table is a significant investment. We pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality handling equipment to help maximize the value of your investment in our products.

Our RM 6000 Matador Calf Table is electroplated with zinc. The galvanized metal helps to prevent rust by preventing direct contact between water and the underlying steel.

The Matador Calf Table includes a solid floor and sides which allow calves to enter comfortably without some of the distress associated with V-type manual headgate. The RM 6000 has the capacity to manage animals between 300 to 350-pounds. The unit was designed so that the sides of the chute squeeze evenly from both sides to center the calf in the gate which helps maintain balance if they need to be rolled over.

Our Matador Calf Table also includes an adjustable head table to hold the animals head securely when rolling. The back of the RM 6000 also has a 12-inch strip of carpet-like material that further helps prevent movement while maintaining the calf in a stable position.

If you have a cattle operation and you need a high-quality calf table, you should call 800-949-9997 to speak to a representative at D-S Livestock Equipment.