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When you are running a livestock operation, you want to keep your animals — cattle, sheep or goats — as healthy as possible to protect your investment. Factors that can influence their health and growth often depend on their diet and local forage as well as the time of year (season).

One of the ways you can ensure healthier stock all year round is by supplementing their normal feed with mineral augmentation. Dietary deficiencies can show up as poor growth from a lowered appetite and weight loss, reduced levels of milk production and lowered reproduction.

For healthier livestock, you can supplement their feed with phosphorus, magnesium, salt, calcium, potassium, zinc, copper, selenium, sulfur, manganese, cobalt, iron, and iodine. An effective form of supplementation is through a mineral feeder that can protect the minerals during any kind of weather conditions.

Whether you need mineral augmentation to help your livestock move from grazing pastures to seasonal sheltering, or just want to ensure their healthy dietary levels for growth and performance, our mineral feeders can give your operation the boost it needs to maintain consistent health levels and performance in your animals.

Here at D-S Livestock Equipment we the offer the MF1 mineral feeder which holds 50 pounds of mineral supplement with a feeder edge of 15 inches; and the MF2 mineral feeder that holds 20 pounds of mineral and is 13 inches from the ground. These feeders are a one-piece molded polyurethane unit that comes with a round 36-inch steel base that turns with the wind. This prevents weather exposure from rain, sleet, snow, and other kinds of moisture that can form from wind-driven weather and potentially damage the feed.

If you are looking for a high-quality mineral feeder to protect your livestock’s health and performance, you can check out our mineral feeders. You can also call us at 1-800-949-9997 with your questions. We ship throughout the US and internationally.