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A quality and durable cattle chute plays a range of roles in seasonal operations. Not only does the unit help with the sorting and transporting of animals, it can also help with the administration of important veterinary care as well as grooming.

Here at D-S Livestock Equipment headquartered in Frostburg, Maryland, we are proud to offer a wide range of high-quality cattle chutes and other essential livestock equipment.

Our MC78 Cattle Chute can be converted with a GB 1-2 attachment to help with grooming treatments. Its strength and durability can help you safely groom an animal that is stressed or ill-tempered.

The MC78 chute is made from 2-inch by 14-gauge steel tubing. The rear and side doors are constructed from 1½-inch square tubing and are solid up to 32-inches high. The doors have a heavy ¾-inch spring-loaded latch pin made from solid steel that extends from the bottom to the top.

Its rear door can be mounted at two different heights. The MC78 also has a 6-inch opening near the front and side doors to provide you with easy access to the animal’s neck for giving injections.

There are three different head gates that can be combined with this cattle chute depending on the size of animal you are handling.

If you have a cattle operation in need of new chutes, or other handling equipment, you should call 800-949-9997 to speak to one of the representatives at D-S Livestock Handling Equipment.