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When it comes to your livestock operation of cattle, sheep or goat, having the right equipment can keep things running smoothly so you can focus beyond the day-to-day operations. Our team at D-S Livestock Equipment has been helping customers around the country by providing top quality headgates.

Whatever your cattle operation, be it cattle, sheep or goats where you need reliable equipment for sorting, breeding, veterinary treatment or slaughter preparations, a reliable, durable, and user-friendly headgate can help your operation achieve long-term success while improving your animal’s care and management, making the task of capturing, culling, and detaining them easier.

-The Manual HG1 Headgate: ideal for sheep and goats and weighs only 35 pounds. Its portability is an asset if you need to move it around.

-The Automatic Headgate: weighs 73 pounds, is spring loaded on one side and can be adjusted for size. It’s used for sheep for when you need to keep them while administering medication, testing for pregnancy, deworming them or attaching an ear tag. The sheep’s head is locked until you pull the handle so it can go down the raceway to be sorted.

-The V-Style Manual Headgate: weighs 190 pounds and is reversible, allowing you to access the gate from either side. The bottom height is adjustable between 5-12 inches and can be bolted onto chutes or wooden posts.

-The Traditional Self Catch Headgate: is our heaviest at 225 lbs and is ideal for self-catch. The gate can be accessed from either side, with the doors opening towards the livestock so they can come through. The 7-foot chain restrains the head while the doors close and hold it safely in place.

-The Spinlock Self Catch Headgate: weighs 245 lbs and is not only highly advanced but fast version available. It’s pulley/cable system lets you operate the gate while your livestock advances through the opening, while quickly shifts from lockup to close and lock without worry about your animal escaping which can happen when it is stressed, wild, or unbroken.

If you are looking for equipment for your animals, D-S Livestock Equipment has a large inventory to meet your operation’s needs. For more information, please call 1-800-949-9997 to speak to one of our operators.