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Cattle, sheep, goats, and many other livestock animals have different nutrient requirements depending on the local forage, available diet, and the season. In many of these cases, mineral augmentation is especially important in helping your herd maintain good health throughout the year.

In some cases, mineral augmentation is necessary for a successful transition from grazing pasture, to seasonal sheltering. This can sometimes be a critical component for cows before they are released to spring pastures.

Here at D-S Livestock Equipment, we have spent decades providing quality equipment to a wide range of livestock operations. So we understand the need for a mineral feeder with sufficient capacity while also accounting for potential weather factors.

Our MF1 and MF2 mineral feeders are a one-piece molded polyurethane feeder which includes a round 36-inch steel base. The unit can turn with the wind to help minimize exposure to rain, sleet, snow, and other wind-driven forms of precipitation.

Our MF1 holds approximately 50 pounds of mineral supplement. The MF2 holds approximately 20 pounds of mineral. The feeder edge on MF1 is 15-inches while MF2 is 13 inches from the ground.

If you need a high-quality mineral feeder for your livestock operation you should call 800-949-9997 to speak to one of the representatives at D-S Livestock Handling Equipment.