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If you have a livestock operation or raise animals for show, you understand how integral a role weight can play both in developing the animals or ensuring a fair price per head. To answer this D-S Livestock Handling equipment can provide you with a wide range of scales.

Our 550-Pound Standard Dial can be used on our SSD51 scale, as well as our S1102 winch stand scale attachment. It has a 6-inch dial with a capacity up to 550 pounds. It is accurate to within 2-pound increments.

The 400-Pound scale uses a 7-inch dial and has weight increments within 1-pound with a maximum capacity of 400 pounds.

We also offer digital scales, such as the E500, which has a maximum capacity of 500-pounds and is accurate within 1-pound increments. Its ideal operating temperature is between 5 to 95°F. The unit comes with a 1-year warranty.

If you’d like, you could upgrade the E500 to our DS01. This unit comes with a RS232 printer and computer output. It has a rechargeable internal battery or optional 110 plug-in. When fully charged the unit will have up to 40-hours of battery life. This makes it very helpful for conducting weight operations in areas where power might not be readily available.

If you have a livestock operation or you raise animals for show and you need accurate and durable scales, you should call 800-949-9997 to speak to a representative at D-S Livestock Handling Equipment.