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If you have a goat, sheep, or cattle operation, then you understand just how important the growth and development of an animal are to its overall health. This can also have a profound effect on your seasonal operations and annual profitability. Determining an animal’s weight accurately can help determine nutritional supplementation needs, or weigh heavily in sorting the animal for potential spring and summer pasture.

Here at D-S Livestock Equipment, we understand the fine points and details associated with sheep, goat, and cattle operations. We have been providing high-quality equipment to various livestock operations since 1982. We are proud to offer several options for accurately determining the weight of an animal with minimal stress.

Our Roll O’Matic with Scale Attachment includes four beam load cells, with an accurate weight indicator and indicator holder. It is designed to quickly, and accurately weigh the animal in your roll table without having to use a separate scale. Also known as the RM6000S, it is fully galvanized to prevent rust. The Roll O’Matic includes a solid tread plate floor with solid sides. This allows the animal to enter easily with reduced distractions toward our V-type manual headgate.

It good for horned, or pulled, sheep and goats. The rear of the RM6000S includes a 12-inch strip of carpet. The back support and headgate help to keep the animal in position. It can be connected to the end of a raceway.

If you have a goat, sheep, or cattle operation and you need accurate weighing and sorting equipment, you should call 800-949-9997 to speak to a representative at D-S Livestock Equipment today!