Quality Sorting Equipment Can Help with Spring Shearing

Once seasonal lambing and breeding have been addressed many sheep operations will turn to the act of shearing. This is an essential element of maintaining the animal. At the same time, it can also be a significant source of incoming revenue. Here at D-S Livestock Equipment headquartered in Frostburg Maryland, we understand that efficiency and… Read more »

Grafting Boxes Can Reduce Stress Associated with Spring Kidding and Lambing

Spring can be a stressful and frenetic time in the livestock industry. Many operators of goat and sheep operations find themselves tasked with breeding and expanding their herds, while also trying to minimize stress to mother and offspring. This sometimes calls for separating animals with quality panels, doors and pens, as well as grafting boxes…. Read more »

A Portable Loading Ramp Aids in Seasonal Sorting

Spring and early summer can be a time of frenetic activity for goat, sheep and cattle operations around the country. This often calls for kidding, lambing, sorting and transporting herds. Moving overwintered animals and young to their new grounds can be challenging. Sometimes even a willing animal will refuse to simply step up into a… Read more »

Quality Feeder Stations Can Help with Early Season Herd Expansion

The spring and early summer period of the year is often a time of frenetic activity for sheep, goat, and cattle operations throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Accommodating for an increased number of head, new births, and seasonal herd separation can often require for moving animals to special pens and locations. Having quality feeders available can… Read more »

A Large Inventory Makes for Fast Spring Shipping

Here at D-S Livestock Handling Equipment, we have been providing goat, sheep, and cattle operations with high-quality livestock equipment since 1982. With roots that run deep in the industry, we understand how the change of seasons requires thoughtful planning as well as adapting to opportunities. Expanding your operation, accommodating for increased heads, and seasonal movement… Read more »

Accurate Animal Weight Is Essential for Health and Growth

If you have a goat, sheep, or cattle operation, then you understand just how important the growth and development of an animal are to its overall health. This can also have a profound effect on your seasonal operations and annual profitability. Determining an animal’s weight accurately can help determine nutritional supplementation needs, or weigh heavily… Read more »

A Quality Mineral Feeder Helps Ensure Your Livestock Get Necessary Mineral Content

Cattle, sheep, goats, and many other livestock animals have different nutrient requirements depending on the local forage, available diet, and the season. In many of these cases, mineral augmentation is especially important in helping your herd maintain good health throughout the year. In some cases, mineral augmentation is necessary for a successful transition from grazing… Read more »

Durable Headgates Are Important for Efficient Cattle Operations

Headgates play an important role in many cattle operations for sorting, preparing for slaughter, breeding, and some veterinary procedures. Thus, a durable, reliable, and easy to use headgate can play a major factor in your cattle operation’s long-term success. Here at D-S Livestock Equipment, we are proud to offer three different styles of Matador cattle… Read more »

Our Free Catalog Can Help Your Stay Informed About Livestock Equipment

If you own a sheep, cattle, goat, or other livestock operation you might likely find yourself beyond the confines of hearth and home, beyond the reach of a wireless internet signal. Keeping paper and printed materials on hand can be helpful in these times. Here at D-S Livestock Equipment we understand the mobility component of… Read more »

The Turn O’Matic Work Station Can Help with Trimming an Animal’s Hooves

Hoof trimming and other handling procedures are often an essential part of any goat, sheep, or livestock operation. If you’re dealing with a large herd, or you have several stubborn animals attempting to physically manipulate them by hand by proving challenging. Indeed, some people have even become injured in the attempt. Here at D-S Livestock… Read more »