A Mineral Feeder Can Protect Your Livestock Health & Performance

When you are running a livestock operation, you want to keep your animals — cattle, sheep or goats — as healthy as possible to protect your investment. Factors that can influence their health and growth often depend on their diet and local forage as well as the time of year... Read more »

A Quality Head Gate Can Keep Your Operation Running Smoothly

When it comes to your livestock operation of cattle, sheep or goat, having the right equipment can keep things running smoothly so you can focus beyond the day-to-day operations. Our team at D-S Livestock Equipment has been helping customers around the country by providing top quality headgates. Whatever your cattle... Read more »

Quality Livestock Show Equipment for the Show Circuit

At D-S Livestock Equipment online, we specialize in offering all types of handling equipment for the goat, sheep and cattle industries. Whether you need top-quality show equipment, feeders, or loading and hauling equipment, we are here to help with a fast turnaround time. Our large inventory means we can provide... Read more »

A Top-Quality Calf Table Can Make Calving Season Easier

When it comes to running a livestock operation or cattle ranch, having the right equipment can save you time and money while maximizing your efforts. One of the items we offer here at D-S Livestock Equipment in Frostburg, Maryland, is the high-quality Matador Calf Table. Both chutes and calf tables... Read more »

Is It Time to Trim Your Livestock’s Hooves?

Do you need to trim your livestock's hooves again? This procedure is a necessity with any livestock operation, whether you have goats or sheep. At D-S Livestock Equipment we provide work tables and workstations to make your livestock operation run smoothly and can ship livestock handling equipment anywhere around the... Read more »

Sorting Equipment Can Help You Prepare Your Livestock for Spring

When it comes to a livestock operation, spring and summer are often a hectic time when handling cattle, goat and sheep no matter where you are located. As winter eases into spring, you will likely be busy kidding, lambing, sorting and transporting your herds where they need to go. As... Read more »

Help Your Livestock Operation Thrive With Weighing

Whether you are running a livestock operation with sheep, goat, and cattle or are raising animals to show, you'll want to weigh your animals regularly to make sure they are developing properly, the operation is running smoothly, and you are getting the best return on your investment. At D-S Livestock... Read more »

Are You Looking to Finance Your Livestock Equipment?

At D-S Livestock Equipment we are pleased to provide a variety of handling equipment for your livestock operation, including sheep, goats, and cattle. No matter if you need loading and hauling equipment, show equipment, mineral feeders or regular feeders, an open bar or solid panels and doors, we are ready... Read more »

Are You Ready for the Winter Kidding Season?

As the calendar nears the end of yet another seasonal cycle, it's now almost time for winter kidding for your goat operation. At D-S Livestock Equipment, we have the equipment you need to keep your nanny and her offspring as comfortable as possible during this stressful period. With winter birthing... Read more »

Find the Livestock Equipment You Need With Timely Delivery

When you are looking for new, dependable, quality handling equipment to stock a new operation in a new location, you don't want to have to take unnecessary time away from planning changes, arranging transportation, or expanding space and all the other things on your plate. Whether you are looking for... Read more »