Quality Loading and Handling Equipment Can Help Move Sheep and Goats to New Locations

If you operate a goat or sheep operation, then you likely need to move your herd or key members of a herd throughout the course of the year. This might be necessary for the breeding process or relocating your herds as the seasons start to change. Here at D-S Livestock Handling Equipment we offer high… Read more »

Quality Panels and Doors Can Help Move a Small Number of Animals Throughout the Season

If you have a small number of animals with special needs or use a pasture rotation program, you need quality panels and doors to manage seasonal operations. Here at D-S Livestock Equipment, we offer a wide range of products to help manage your herd. We keep a large inventory on hand which allows us to… Read more »

Quality Gates and Sorting Equipment Can Help Sort Goats and Sheep

Sorting is an important aspect of many goat and sheep operations. However manual or hand sorting can be time and labor intensive. Having high-quality gates and sorting equipment can help manage your herds while also saving you precious man hours. Here at D-S Livestock Equipment, we can work with you to develop a sorting system… Read more »

Accurate and Durable Weight Equipment Is Important in Raising Cattle

If you have a livestock operation or raise animals for show, you understand how integral a role weight can play both in developing the animals or ensuring a fair price per head. To answer this D-S Livestock Handling equipment can provide you with a wide range of scales. Our 550-Pound Standard Dial can be used… Read more »

Timely Delivery of Livestock Equipment Can Help with Herd Expansion

The opportunity to expand your herd or grow the size of your goat, sheep, or cattle operation can be an exciting, yet stressful time. This often calls for planning changes to space, ordering new feed or other supplements, and arranging transportation as well as expanding pens, sheds, fences, and other livestock areas. In a time… Read more »

Seasonal Operations Often Call for Durable and Versatile Livestock Handling Equipment

If you operate a sheep or cattle ranch, chances are good that seasonal changes call for short-term operations at alternate locations. This could come in the form of docking spring lambs, separating the herd for summer grazing, and calving or sorting your herd before processing. This could call for setting up a small operation in… Read more »

Quality Show Equipment Can Be the Key to Blue Ribbon Success

Showing cattle, sheep, goats or other livestock at tournaments, fairs and other competitions is a great opportunity to develop your operation’s reputation in the industry. It’s also a great way to connect with other enthusiasts and livestock professionals. Of course, a good showing that will win you a ribbon and the notoriety you desire encompasses… Read more »

D-S Livestock Equipment Provides Quality Products Internationally

Here at D-S Livestock Equipment, our owner Dennis Schoenian and staff understand that quality livestock equipment can have a significant impact on your operation. Our specialists strive to stay atop industry trends and international trends in the livestock industry by attending tradeshows and absorbing quality feedback. Our open door and solid panel doors are available… Read more »

Can You Raise Sheep and Goats Together?

Sheep and goats are two of the most popular ruminant animals for everyone from the “serious” farmer to people looking to raise affordable meat, milk, and wool on patches of larger land. However, a lot of people make the mistake of thinking that raising sheep and goats together is a simple process. The truth is… Read more »

Early-spring Sheep Shearing Tips

With spring finally poking up around the country, it’s time for your sheep herds to get sheared. You definitely want that heavy winter coat off your sheep before it gets too warm, but you don’t want to shear any ewes when they’re close to lambing. This can cause too much undue stress for your sheep…. Read more »