Help Your Livestock Operation Thrive With Weighing

Whether you are running a livestock operation with sheep, goat, and cattle or are raising animals to show, you'll want to weigh your animals regularly to make sure they are developing properly, the operation is running smoothly, and you are getting the best return on your investment. At D-S Livestock... Read more »

Are You Looking to Finance Your Livestock Equipment?

At D-S Livestock Equipment we are pleased to provide a variety of handling equipment for your livestock operation, including sheep, goats, and cattle. No matter if you need loading and hauling equipment, show equipment, mineral feeders or regular feeders, an open bar or solid panels and doors, we are ready... Read more »

Are You Ready for the Winter Kidding Season?

As the calendar nears the end of yet another seasonal cycle, it's now almost time for winter kidding for your goat operation. At D-S Livestock Equipment, we have the equipment you need to keep your nanny and her offspring as comfortable as possible during this stressful period. With winter birthing... Read more »

Find the Livestock Equipment You Need With Timely Delivery

When you are looking for new, dependable, quality handling equipment to stock a new operation in a new location, you don't want to have to take unnecessary time away from planning changes, arranging transportation, or expanding space and all the other things on your plate. Whether you are looking for... Read more »

Keep Your Livestock Healthy All Year Round With a Mineral Feeder

Whether you are raising cattle, sheep or goats, your animals depend on you to provide them with the protein and nutrients they need to stay healthy. To make sure they get what they need, you can supplement their feed with mineral augmentation, especially since winter is coming and foraging won't... Read more »

Quality Loading and Hauling Equipment Helps With Fall Transition

As the warm winds and sweet grasses of summer gradually give way to the bracing wind and tumbling leaves of fall, many livestock operations will start to move their herds toward winter grounds and shelter. In the northerly latitudes, the seasonal transition might also call for dividing herds into groups... Read more »

Head Gate Options for Your Sheep, Goats and Cattle

Giving your livestock a good headgate can help improve the care and management of your sheep, goats or cattle by making catching, sorting and restraining easier. At D-S Livestock Equipment online, we provide a wide variety of your livestock handling equipment, include headgates. Today we're spotlighting the four headgates we... Read more »

Make Working with Your Animals Easier with a Better Work Platform

Here at D-S Livestock Equipment, we are committed to making high-quality products to users nationwide and around the world. Our livestock equipment is heavy duty, and we focus on making sure our products last for years to come all while pinpointing the necessities of what you need. One of our... Read more »

An Electric Lift Work Platform Can Help With Raceway Procedures

Providing goats and sheep with seasonal veterinary care, general inspections, weight monitoring and other procedures play an important role in many livestock operations. Manual components and manual handling can be challenging with some animals especially when attempting to groom a stressed buck or ram. Here at D-S Livestock Handling Equipment we... Read more »

A Quality Cattle Chute Helps With Sorting and Grooming

A quality and durable cattle chute plays a range of roles in seasonal operations. Not only does the unit help with the sorting and transporting of animals, it can also help with the administration of important veterinary care as well as grooming. Here at D-S Livestock Equipment headquartered in Frostburg,... Read more »