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Are you staring to raise cattle? Are you deciding what breed will best meet your needs? To help you make a good decision, we’re happy to give you some information on five of the most common breeds.


This breed is usually fairly large, weighing about 1,500 pounds in maturity, and is typically used as a dairy cow. In fact, the average dairy production for a Holstein can be more than 17,000 pounds of milk and more than 600 pounds of butterfat a year.


Known for large eyes, Jerseys also produce milk high in butterfat.  This breed is usually fairly small, weighing just about 1,000 pounds. Jerseys are typically excellent grazers and do better than many breeds in heat.


This breed is usually around 1,200 pounds in maturity. Guernseys are good for producing high-butterfat milk, but they still require less feed than some larger breeds.


This is another medium size cow, weighing close to 1,200 pounds. These are strong cattle that are able to adapt to most management styles. They usually forage well and do better under pasture conditions that many other dairy breeds.


This breed is also a fairly average size, weighing about 1,100 pounds. These cows—which are almost always red—are a good option for a dairy cow. They also usually have a strong, healthy appearance.

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