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When winter comes, so does the arrival of higher feed bills for your beef herd. This is due, obviously, to the needs of cows to have proper nutrition during the winter and early spring so they can have enough energy and strength for calving.

So what are some of the best strategies for properly feeding your cows, yet not spending too much in feed costs, during the winter?

Let’s look at that question.

It’s a challenge

No part of this process is easy, which is why it takes a special type of person – such as yourself – to raise beef cattle.
The easiest answer to the question is that you need to provide the correct quantity and quality of feed at the proper time during the winter and early spring.

That last part is key – the quality. If you can store high-quality feed for winter use, you’ll have a much easier time ensuring that your herd is healthy and strong come calving time.

Monitor condition

The other best thing you can do is consistently monitor the body condition of your herd. This will tell you, more than anything, how they’re handling the winter and what feed adjustments you need to make.

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