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Calving season isn’t for a few more months but it’s never too early to start making sure everything is ready for the arrival of the new calves to your ranch.

Calving is one of the most important times of the year for cattlemen. Making sure your cows get through it and stay healthy is important for your herd – and your bottom line. So to help everything go as smoothly as possible, we recommend looking over the following tips as you work to prepare for calving.

Have the area ready

A big part of successful calving is ensuring that you have a clean, dry area ready for your cows to give birth. If your pasture isn’t clean and dry, then the cows need to calve in a barn with a thick layer of straw. This ensures the calf will stay warm and dry, and both the calf and mother cow will recover quickly.

Keep them warm

If your cows give birth when it’s cold, that’s not always the worst situation. However, if they give birth when it’s both cold and wet, you’ll need to warm them up immediately. Cold, wet calves don’t have the energy to get up and nurse, which all but seals their fate as a dead calf.

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