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Spring can be a stressful and frenetic time in the livestock industry. Many operators of goat and sheep operations find themselves tasked with breeding and expanding their herds, while also trying to minimize stress to mother and offspring. This sometimes calls for separating animals with quality panels, doors and pens, as well as grafting boxes.

Here at D-S Livestock Equipment headquartered in Frostburg, Maryland, we offer a range of panels, grafting boxes and pen components. Our vast on-site inventory allows for quick order fulfillment and shipping to accommodate spring’s often unforeseen details.

Our panels come in a variety of heights. They are prized for being lightweight as well as strong. They can allow you to create pens ranging from 4×4 feet to 6×6 feet. Each panel includes double hole connectors designed to marry together with 3/8-inch rods. This makes it easy and convenient to set pens back to back or incorporate them into an existing wall.

Our grafting boxes can be connected to the pens and are designed to easily attach to the panels. This helps hold a nanny in position so her kid can nurse even if she has a rejection problem.

The nanny or ewe can be stood up for longer periods of time, so she can lie down when trying to graft one to her. The convenient design of the panels and grafting boxes allows the box to be quickly moved from one pen to another. The stanchion can also be adjusted to accommodate a different sized animal.

If you have a goat or sheep operation and you are in need of a quality grafting box and panels, you should call 800-949-9997 to speak to a representative at D-S Livestock Handling Equipment.