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Showing your animals on a professional level is a point of pride and opportunity for many livestock operations. Presenting your prized sheep, goat or cattle not only shows off your breeding capabilities, it can also serve as a chance to network with other industry professionals.

Of course, minimizing the animal’s stress level throughout the show season is important. Not only does this apply to transportation and scheduling, you also need to factor in preparing the animal for presentation.

Here at D-S Livestock Equipment, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality equipment for a wide range of operations.

Our S1100 Fold-Up Trimming Stand is designed to be very durable while also being lightweight. It folds up for easy transportation and storage. The unit includes our HP1 headrest, which can be adjusted to accommodate different animal heights and sizes.

The SL8-34 Scissor Lift Stand can be quickly adjusted in height ranging from 8-inches to 34-inches and includes a 5,000-pound lift jack. The heavy duty stand includes a quality headrest and can have side rails added for extra security.

Our S1102 Clutch Winch Stand has an 800-lb brake winch. The unit can rise from 4-inches off the ground, up to 19-inches. The headrest is fully adjustable whether the deck is up or down. Our R02 side rails can be incorporated into the stand. The headrest is 3-inches ahead of the deck which provides the clutch winch stand with a 53-inch top. It has a single wheel which allows you to maneuver it through tight spaces like a wheelbarrow.

If you show livestock and you need high-quality show equipment, you should call 800-949-9997 to speak to one of the representatives at D-S Livestock Handling Equipment.