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Giving your livestock a good headgate can help improve the care and management of your sheep, goats or cattle by making catching, sorting and restraining easier. At D-S Livestock Equipment online, we provide a wide variety of your livestock handling equipment, include headgates. Today we’re spotlighting the four headgates we offer our customers.

#1 Manual Headgate
If you have sheep and goats, this headgate is a good choice. One of the benefits is that you can connect it to your handling system at the most affordable level. Coming in at a weight of only 35 pounds, the HG1 can be easily moved around, making it one of our most portable options.

#2 Automatic Headgate
This headgate is the first one designed for sheep and is for serious shepherds. It’s designed for use in a raceway, but also securely holds the sheep to keep them still when you need to medicate them, take a pregnancy test, deworm or place an ear tag. As the sheep’s head comes through the gate it is immediately locked. Once you pull the handle, the sheep can make its way down the raceway for sorting. This headgate is spring loaded on one side of the gate to help prevent injury, while the other side of the gate can be adjusted to the size of the animal. The weight of this gate comes in at a hefty 73 lbs.

#3 V-Style Manual Headgate
This sturdy head gate comes in at 190 pounds and is reversible. You can work the gate from either side. The height at the bottom of the gate can be adjusted between 5-12 inches. This versatile gate can be bolted onto the 3 different chutes we offer or bolted onto wooden posts.

#4 Traditional Self Catch Headgate
This is our heaviest gate, coming in at 225 lbs, and has long been the standard for self-catch. You can use the gate from either side and both doors open towards the livestock, making a bigger opening for the animal to come through. With a 7-foot chain designed to restrain the head, when the animal’s head enters the gate and pushes ahead, the doors close and hold it securely in place.

#5 Spinlock Self Catch Headgate
Coming in at 245 lbs. this headgate is the most advanced and fastest self-catch version out there. Employing spinlock technology on a pulley/cable system at the rear chute, you can operate the gate or do it manually as the livestock moves through the opening. In less than a second, the spinlock shifts from lock up set to close and lock. The result? You never again have to worry about cattle escaping with this system.

Whichever head gate you need for your animals, we are here to make sure your equipment arrives quickly, thanks to our large inventory. If you have any questions or concerns about livestock equipment, please give us a call at 1-800-949-9997, and one of our experienced operator’s will be ready to help.