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Whether you are running a livestock operation with sheep, goat, and cattle or are raising animals to show, you’ll want to weigh your animals regularly to make sure they are developing properly, the operation is running smoothly, and you are getting the best return on your investment. At D-S Livestock Handling, we offer a wide range of scales with minimal stress for your animal to supply your operation’s needs.

Weighing your animals allows you to keep track of the health of your livestock which is important to your production. When you use the right equipment for the job, you’ll be able to quickly notice if there is a sudden drop in weight for an animal. When you know weight loss is happening, particularly rapid weight loss, you can contact your veterinarian immediately to see if there is a harmful disease that may potentially threaten your herd. Early treatment can keep illness and disease from spreading to the rest of your herd.

When you regularly weigh your animals, you can make sure they are gaining weight as they should and also measure how fast the weight gain is happening. This can help you know which animals need less feed (or more feed), and which ones need medical care. If you are breeding your livestock, a scale can help you make sure your animals are healthy and when the best time is for breeding. The animal’s weight can help your veterinarian to advise dietary changes or nutrients which may need to be added to the diet.

At D-S Livestock Equipment, we have been supplying high-quality equipment to various livestock operations since 1982. The Roll O’Matic with Scale Attachment comes with four beam load cells with an accurate weight indicator and indicator holder. It can quickly and accurately weigh your animal in the roll table without needing a separate scale. The RM6000S is fully galvanized to avoid rusting and allows the animal to enter easily with fewer distractions toward our V-type manual headgate, while the back support and headgate work to keep the animal in position.

We also have a 550-Pound Standard Dial that can be used with our SSD51 scale or with our S1102 winch stand scale attachment. Our 400-Pound scale uses a 7-inch dial with weight increments within 1-pound, with a maximum capacity of 400 pounds. Our digital scales, including the E500, have a maximum capacity of 500-pounds and is accurate within 1-pound increments. It also comes with a 1-year warranty. If you upgrade the E500 to our DS01, you’ll receive an RS232 printer and computer output. When fully charged the unit will have up to 40-hours of battery life which can help when weighing animals in areas where power may not be available.

If you are looking for weight scales that are accurate and durable, we invite you to call 800-949-9997 to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives today!