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Whether you have one cow or two hundred, you want to keep them healthy and happy. By doing so, you can enjoy high quality milk and meat when the time comes–but what can you do to keep your herd healthy?

The first thing you need to worry about is nutrition. Remember, you will not get quality goods from your cattle if you don’t care for their nutrition. If you’re worried about malnutrition, we recommend testing your soil and feed to see exactly what minerals and proteins your herd is getting. If you find a deficiency, adding salt mixes—either orally or by injection—will help. Also, separate your heifers from older cows, especially during the winter. Because heifers are still growing, they need the extra nutrition doing so can provide.

Also, please establish and follow a regular schedule for vaccines. Many think that producing natural, organic meat means avoiding vaccines, but this is inaccurate. In fact, vaccines help to eliminate a need for antibiotics which, some claim, could taint the meat. Also, vaccines can help stave off diseases that could damage your herd.

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