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With summer nearly over and fall quickly arriving, you’re probably thinking about getting your ranch ready for the snow. Part of that preparation comes in the form of ensuring that your calves are ready to endure a cold winter.

So let’s take a look at a few tips for correctly raising calves in colder weather.

Use the right bedding

Dr. Noah Litherland is quoted on as saying that wheat straw is, “The preferred bedding substrate for calves in winter.”

Wheat straw works because it absorbs water, meaning that your new calves are going to be drier when sleeping on wheat straw than on other materials.

Consistency in the feeding schedule

Calves are quite like human babies in some circumstances, and feeding time is one of those. You need to make sure that you’re keeping their feeding time consistent, even if it is 10 below outside. This consistency will ensure as many calves as possible make it through the winter.

Well-ventilated barns

Even though it’s cold outside when the snow’s flying, you need to make sure that your calves’ barn is well-ventilated. This makes sure there’s fresh air and a removal of toxins and noxious gasses.

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