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Do you need to trim your livestock’s hooves again? This procedure is a necessity with any livestock operation, whether you have goats or sheep. At D-S Livestock Equipment we provide work tables and workstations to make your livestock operation run smoothly and can ship livestock handling equipment anywhere around the world. You can trust that our equipment delivers top quality performance at competitive prices. Our huge inventory and experienced team have a fast turnaround to keep your livestock operation on track.

When your animals require special handling such as hoof trimming, you want to make sure both the animal and the handlers are safe to prevent possible injury. Sometimes an animal can get skittish or balk at this necessary procedure, so making sure you have the right equipment can protect the handler as well as the animal and lessen the stress. So many of our customers have appreciated the value of our Turn O’Matic workstation, the TM5000.

This high-quality work station loads the animal safely into the chute enclosure so that it can be immobilized by squeezing them gently with the push of a button. Once they are secured, the lift feature can be employed to lift them up and turn them onto their side comfortably where you release the drop-away floor so their hooves can be trimmed easily.

This work station can hold a goat or sheep (also those with horns) weighing up to 310 pounds, while the TM5000-2G can handle livestock weighing up to 400 pounds. Once the trimming is complete, you simply rotate the floor back in place, push the button again, and the unit will rotate down so you can release your animal with ease. Trimming your livestock’s hooves has never been easier!

Whether you are looking for livestock equipment for your goat, sheep, or cattle operation, we can ship what you need quickly anywhere in the U.S. or around the world. We welcome you to call 800-949-9997 to speak to one of our friendly representatives at D-S Livestock Handling Equipment in Frostburg, Maryland. We look forward to helping you keep your livestock operation on track and running smoothly with our high-quality equipment.