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It’s that time of seasonal transition again when livestock operations begin moving their herds over to shelter on winter grounds, especially for those operations in the northern latitudes. When moving herds around you want to limit the stress of the animals as much as possible. This helps ensure they stay healthy and strong during the migration. You want to be prepared with the sorting, loading and hauling process to maintain your profits as well as your livestock’s health.

Our D-S Livestock Equipment facility located in Frostburg, Maryland have been helping clients around the world with their equipment needs for goat, sheep and cattle operations since 1982. We have a quick turnaround time for an efficient delivery time, both in the U.S. and internationally, thanks to our large inventory.

We offer the LR96 portable loading ramp that loads groups of sheep and goats. It comes with 10-inch wheels to help your animals keep their balance so they can move easily and more comfortably when transporting into a livestock trailer. With five height settings, it can be adjusted (depending on the loading area) while keeping an anxious animal from turning around.

In addition, when you want to move small groups of sheep or goats, our truck boxes can help. Available in three sizes – the TR36, TR46 and TR48 have a 24-inch wide door with a latch that is spring-loaded. The tightly spaced bars help keep a smaller animal from getting their head or legs stuck and can be installed in a truck box in minutes, and then disassembled again for storage when the animals are loaded and hauled to their winter destination.

If you need high-quality loading and hauling equipment for your livestock operation for the fall transition, we welcome you to call 800-949-9997. Our experienced representatives at D-S Livestock Handling Equipment are here to help you with your livestock operation!