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Running a ranch and owning cattle is a lot of responsibility. Whether you’ve been doing it for three years or thirty, there’s always more to learn about the business – and about caring for your stock.

Our team at D-S Livestock Equipment here in Frostburg, Maryland, put this list together of some tips to help you better handle and manage your livestock. Whether you’re getting them ready for a show or for slaughter, these tips can help you better handle your herds.

Remember their blind spots

Cattle will generally respond well to directions and arm signals, but they have to see them first in order for the signals to be effective. It’s easy to forget, at times, that a cow’s blind spot is directly behind them. Try staying at a 45-degree angle off your cattle when directing them. You’ll find they’re much more responsive when you do this.

Better working walls

When you have to move cattle from one paddock to another, into a truck, or through chutes, you know how important it is to have all the working alleys and chutes sized correctly. However, we recommend making sure that your alleys are at least 18 inches wide for calves and 30 inches for adults. This helps make sure they move in the direction you want and prevents them from trying to turn around.

If you have any other questions, or need some equipment to better handle your stock, call us today at 800-949-9997.