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Here at D-S Livestock Equipment, we are committed to making high-quality products to users nationwide and around the world. Our livestock equipment is heavy duty, and we focus on making sure our products last for years to come all while pinpointing the necessities of what you need.

One of our newest products is the BB2010 billy buster work platform. This 24-inch high deck comes with a 5-foot long ramp leading up to it with an attached drop gate at the top-end of the deck. It’s the ideal tool for working on sheep and goats, making their environment stress-free and your workspace comfortable.

This platform is great for giving shots, deworming, trimming feet, ear tagging and more. The tread plate flooring prevents slipping and makes for easy cleaning on the deck and ramp, and the head cage at the front has its own unique fit. It can also swing open to allow easy access to the animal.

The manual head gate is located just before the head cage, and it opens wide enough to allow the animal to come forward without letting them all the way through, and it doesn’t need to be adjusted to size (Reminder: they do not work with horns!). The headgate easily opens and allows the animal to back up to exit from the left or right side access doors.

You may be asking how this platform is any different than regular platforms. You not only have an accessible head cage that can open, but our new version has a removable floor that allows you to place a digital weight platform, saving time by adding another element that makes it easier for you and the animal.

If you have any more questions, feel free to give D-S Livestock Equipment a call at 800-949-9997 today for more information or to ask about any of our other products. We’ll be happy to help!