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When it comes to your cattle operation, a high-quality cattle chute can be indispensable. It assists you with sorting and transporting your cattle, as well as allowing necessary grooming and veterinary care. Our D-S Livestock Equipment team has been offering top-quality cattle chutes for ranchers across the globe.

3 Cattle Chute Versions

Chute 1 – MC78: our most economical chute, this hot-dipped, galvanized version allows you to groom your animal using a grooming chute that comes with a GB 1-2 attachment. This makes it stronger than normal grooming chutes. With its 2 inch by 14 gauge steel tubing and solid doors with steel spring-loaded latch pins, you can count on its solid construction. The openings give you access to the cattle’s neck when you need to give it injections, and the door’s locking arm allows you to hold the cattle against the opposite side to contain its movement. The dimensions inside the chute comes to 30″x78″.

Chute 2 – MC84: also hot dipped and galvanized, this version will last you for decades while looking professional along the way. Its heavy-duty construction with square tubing and sheeted side doors are solid. This chute will limit the cattle’s side vision and keep its legs inside the chute. With non-slip cross boars on the tread plate means your cattle will experience more sure footing.

Chute 3 – MC90: Our heaviest version yet, the floor is also non slip to help your animal stay steady. The frame is 2 by 3 inch 11 gauge tubing with doors of 2 by 11 gauge tubing and a 14 gauge sheet. The chute sides have solid 51 inches high sheeting to keep the cattle’s side vision limited and also keeps its legs inside.

When it comes to sorting and grooming, our Cattle Chutes are ideal! If you want to learn more, give us a call now at 800-949-9997 and find out if you qualify for our 90-day financing. Located in Frostburg, Maryland, we are pleased to help you with all of your cattle ranching needs.