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Fall is almost officially here but the cold weather is already making itself known. This is a time when livestock operations such as sheep, goats and cattle herds need to prepare shelters for the harsher winter season, particularly for those located in higher elevations or in more northern locations.

For a thriving livestock business, it is important to keep your livestock healthy and safe to protect their health, fitness and stamina. This means allowing them to get some outdoor time in a pen or corral when feasible. A prepared shelter can help make this possible, as it allows them to get the exercise they need to help them destress and stay healthy.

At D-S Livestock Handling Equipment our team has been helping customers maintain healthier animals for many years. One of the ways we accomplish this is by offering high-quality equipment such as panels and doors.

If you are considering expanding your livestock sheltering options, you may benefit from the following:

Bar Panels – a 10-foot bar panel complete with 7 bars designed to be tough and durable. Made with a 1 ½ inch by 14-gauge square and round tubing these are connected by strong 5/8-inch locking pins.

Open Bar Door – these have the option of swinging inwards or outwards, depending on your shelter design that enable your animals to gain access to their corrals or holding pens. With a frame of 2-inch by 14-gauge square tubing and a door made of 1 ½-inch by 14-gauge square tubing you can expect durability and performance.

Solid Door – these 4-foot doors can give your animals access to an alleyway and comes with a 2-inch by 14-gauge square tubing frame and a sheeted door up to 57-inches. It is secured with a heavy ¾-inch spring-loaded latch pin.

This winter season shelter your livestock for and give them appropriate outdoor time when needed using our high-quality panels and doors. The knowledgeable representatives at D-S Livestock Handling Equipment are ready to help you with your order, so call 800-949-9997 today!