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As the summer season winds down and the cool breezes of fall descend upon the land, some sheep, goats, and cattle operations turn their focus to providing their livestock with an over winter shelter. This is even more likely to be the case for livestock operations in northern latitudes or at elevation.

Of course, simply housing livestock in a barn or pole shed might not be sufficient for maintaining their overall health and well-being. Most animals do better and appreciate the opportunity to spend time outdoors, in a large pen in an area or corral.

To answer this important need D-S Livestock Handling Equipment is proud to offer high-quality panels and doors.

Our 10-foot Open Bar Panels have 7 bars made from tough 1 ½ inch by 14-gauge square and round tubing. Each panel is connected by stout 5/8-inch locking pins.

Our Open Bar Door swings both ways. This is useful for providing access to holding pens and corrals. The frame is constructed of 2-inch by 14-gauge square tubing. The door is constructed from 1 ½-inch by 14-gauge square tubing.

Our 4-foot Solid Door provides you with access to alleyway if needed. It has a frame made from 2-inch by 14-gauge square tubing. The door itself is sheeted solid up to 57-inches. It is constructed from 1½-inch by 14-gauge tubing and includes a heavy ¾-inch spring loaded latch pin.

If you have a goat, sheep or cattle operation and you need quality panels and doors for your shelter, you should call 800-949-9997 to speak to a representative at D-S Livestock Handling Equipment.