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Are you thinking of raising sheep? Do you wonder what breed would be best for you?

Naturally, the first thing you need to consider is why you’re raising sheep? Are you hoping for milk? Are you trying to make a profit by selling wool or meat? Of course, most sheep can be used for both purposes, but some breeds may be better suited to specific goals.

For instance, many sheep are popular because they produce high-quality wool.  Merino sheep are particularly useful and in-demand world-wide. Their wool can be used to create warm accessories, such as clothing. Lincoln sheep are also popular for its fine, beautiful wool, which is mostly used in weaving and designing.

If you are more interested in selling sheep for meat, we recommend considering the Dorset sheep and the Dorper sheep. The Dorset sheep is also useful because it produces milk very well. Dorper sheep are also a popular choice because of their ability to adjust to a variety of climates. You may also consider a Hamsphire sheep and a Suffolk sheep. Incidentally, Suffolk sheep are frequently considered the best meat-type breed.

Again, if you are interested in dairy sheep, a Dorset sheep might be right for you. However, a highly productive sheep—also known for its high-quality milk—is the East Friesian. These sheep can produce more than a thousand pounds of milk in about half a year.

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