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Winter is coming quickly, which means you’re running out of time to ensure that your cattle are ready for the coldest season of the year. Failing to do so can cause some serious health problems for your herd, including robbing them of body fat to keep them warm.

Let’s look at what the experts here at D-S Livestock Equipment recommend you do to get your cows ready for winter.

Take care of pregnant cows

If you have any cows that are pregnant going into the winter season, you’ll need to have all your calving supplies in order. We have the supplies to help with that particular process. You’ll also need to ensure that any calves born during the winter are properly vaccinated, as well as the mother. Otherwise, serious health issues could arise.


You should sort your cattle into groups, based on their size and age, and feed them accordingly. This ensures that your feed lasts all winter and that all of your stock is getting the nutrition they need to make it through the winter.

You may also want to think about sorting your cattle based on nutrient needs. For example, your younger cows need extra feed to help them become sexually mature, and they need special attention if they’re two-year calves.

If you have any other questions about taking care of your stock during the winter months, don’t’ hesitate to call us today at 800-949-9997 for more information.