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If you have a livestock operation for goats, you will need to get ready for the winter kidding season. This can help mitigate the stress for you as an operator as well as your animals. D-S Livestock Equipment in Frostburg, Maryland has the sorting and separating equipment you will need to make this process as smooth as possible, whether you are looking for panels, grafting boxes or pen parts.

We understand that birthing in the wintertime for your goats can be a challenge since they have sparse insulation when compared with their lamb and calf counterparts. To keep your nanny and her kids safe and healthy as the temperatures drop below freezing, you want to make sure they can be dried right away to keep them from incurring the risk of hypothermia, frostbite and even death. Our top-quality panels, grafting boxes, doors and pen components will keep your four-legged crew in optimal shape.

-We have lambing and kidding panels available in various heights and are strong and lightweight.
-Our panels have connectors that allow pens to be set back or against a wall for additional stability.
-You can connect a portable graft box to the pen by attaching it to the kidding panels so a kid can nurse even when the nanny has an issue with rejection. The nanny can also stand or lie down thanks to grafting box adjustment.

If you have a goat operation and are looking for the right equipment to help you with your winter kidding, we welcome you to call 800-949-9997 to speak with a representative at D-S Livestock Handling Equipment. Our high-quality equipment can you you the assurance you need to be prepared as the inclement weather and lower temperatures arrive and stick around for the season. We look forward to assisting you!