D-S Livestock Sheep Goat Cattle Handling Equipment

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D-S Livestock Sheep Goat Cattle Handling Equipment
(NOTE: Some door latches have changed)
  • TS900


    This unique 3-in-1 gate is easy to operate because it has only one handle to do three things: stop animals, cut animals right, or cut animals left. The TS900 comes with a lock handle so the unit can be locked in the closed position or left or right sort position.

    With a stop gate built into the sorter, the sheep and goats can be slowed to permit closer observation before sorting. Even at a slow rate, sheep and goats can be sorted at a rate of more than 100 every 5 minutes. The TS900 sorter has open bars to allow light to pass through and to entice animals to move towards the end of the raceway. TS900 also acts as a support for the raceway panels.
    Ships via UPS.

    Width: 29″ / Length: 32″ / Height: 48″ / Weight: 50 lb (22.7 kg)


  • BS800


    The BS800 has a center panel that folds flat when you sort left or right, but in neutral position, the panel folds out flat to create a stop. The operation of the sorter is done via a 30-inch handle, which has a trigger to lock and unlock the sorter. This 30-inch handle keeps you well away from the sorter so animals exit better. The BS800 also supports your raceway panels at the proper angle and width.

    Ships via UPS.

    Width: 31.5″ / Height: 42″ / Length: 31.5″ / Length at handle: 52″ / Weight: 75 lb (34.1 kg)


  • TWS12


    This two-way sorter folds for different width raceways. Sorts animals left or right by use of a 24-inch operating handle. This keeps you away from the front of the sheep or goat so they exit the raceway better. Sorter also has a lock to keep sorter in left or right sort position. This sorter works well after the scale or HG2 head gate.

    Ships via UPS.

    Width: Variable / Height: 41″ / Length: 40″ / Weight: 46 lb (20.9 kg)


  • DP1


    The DP1 is used to stop the flow of sheep and goats in a raceway, up close or from a distance. The DP1 also supports your raceway panels at the proper angle and width.

    Height: 78″ / Width: 24″ / Weight: 35 lb (15.9 kg)


  • RSG24


    The RSG24 is used to stop the flow of sheep and goats in a raceway. The RSG24 also supports your raceway panels at the proper angle and width. Commonly used on both sides of a turntable and before your head gate. Our unique Rollin’ Stop Gate rides on rubber wheels to make operating it very easy and smooth.

    Height: 51″ / Width: 42″ / Weight: 42 lb (19.1 kg)


  • RS1000


    The RS1000 is used to support your raceway panels at the proper angle and width. Panels have to be either straight or angled some on both sides.

    Ships via UPS.

    Height: 36″ / Width: 36″ / Weight: 15 lb (6.8 kg)


  • RS1200


    The RS1200 is used to support your raceway panels at the proper angle and width. This support will allow panels to be straight on one side and angled on the other side, giving you more flexibility.

    Ships via UPS.

    Height: 36″ / Width: 40″ / Weight: 18 lb (8.2 kg)


  • SW800


    The swing slide gate is used in conjunction with CP41-08 8-foot curved tub panels to form a half circle, a “crowding pen,” not a forcing pen. When the animals are forced, they tend to go the opposite way. S44 linking rods are pushed slightly into the ground to maintain the circular shape of the system. A swing slide gate keeps the animals bunched at the entrance of the raceway and maintains the steady flow of animals into the system. The gate not only swings like a hinged door, but slides back through itself. When the gate is hinged up against the animals, another bunch can be brought in from behind. The gate can be pulled out from between the two groups so they merge into one. Using this method, the flow of animals isn’t interrupted. The crowding pen is formed into a U shape because sheep and goats flow better around a corner. Animals enter the crowding pen from behind the work station so if the shepherd is working by himself, everything is closer at hand. The gate slides on a nylon roller and pivots on ½-inch pins. Swing slide gate can be changed to circle left or right to suit individual needs.

    Height: 48″ / Length: 8′ (96″) / Weight: 117 lb (53.2 kg)


  • SC2-3


    The SC2-3 pair of automatic closing door panels gives you easy access to the animal’s head. These panels allow you to add a sorter to the end of your RM6000 or just extend your raceway. The far-side door panel opens partially as the animal is rolled over to allow for the animal’s head and returns to closed position when the table is rolled back. Doors can also be locked in the open position.

    Add a sorter to the end of your RM6000
    (BS800 works best because of 30″ arm)

    Bi Sorter
    75 lbs
    Pair of Doors
    82 lbs
    Linking Rod
    6 lbs
    163 lbs
    Weight: 82 lb (37.3 kg)


  • RA24


    The RA24 is designed to give you more adjustments to the width of your raceway. Standard width with panels straight is 21 inches wide; with the RA24, you can do 13, 15, 17, 19, and 21 inches. Setting your panels at an angle, you can go as small as 4 inches wide at the bottom.

    Weight: 15 lb (6.8 kg)


  • AB1


    The AB1 is an add-on device that can be hooked onto any solid panel. It prevents sheep and goats from backing up in the raceway. The AB1 is spring loaded and should be used every 8 to 12 feet in a raceway.

    Ships via UPS.

    Weight: 8 lb (3.6 kg)


  • FB24


    The FB24 comes in two 4-foot sections that fit together. Foot troughs are used in a raceway between two solid panels. The troughs are 7 inches deep and have V-shaped bottoms to spread their hooves better.

    Ships via UPS.

    Width: 12″ – 10″ / Depth: 7″ / Weight: 20 lb (9.1 kg)


  • HG1


    This head gate is good for sheep and goats with or without horns. Can be connected into the handling system as a much lower cost option over the work platforms. Can be used with side access doors SG1475. HG1 is very portable to move from one location to another at only 35 lbs.

    Weight: 35 lb (15.9 kg)


  • HG2


    The first designed automatic head gate for sheep. Intended to be used in a raceway. When a sheep puts its head through, it locks automatically. With a flick of a handle, the sheep can continue down the raceway to be sorted. With a flip of another handle, the head gate returns to its original position, ready for another sheep. One side of the head gate is spring loaded to reduce chance of injury to the sheep. The other side is adjustable so the width can be changed for different sized sheep. The automatic head gate works equally well for small and large sheep. When used in conjunction with the SG1475 3 ½-foot solid double doors, you have complete access to the sheep. A head gate is a must for any serious shepherd. It holds sheep so they can’t move and is more efficient than having someone hold the sheep for you. When the sheep is restrained in the head gate, you can medicate, pregnancy test, ear tag, de-worm, or inspect it. The automatic head gate is pictured with a frame on the backside so it can be hooked directly to the TS900 sorter.

    Height: 43.5″ / Overall width: 24″ / Weight: 73 lb (33.2 kg)


  • R20, S38, S44, R36


    Rope Tie Bar for DP1
    Tee Rods 9/16″ by 44″
    Linking Rods 9/16″ by 38″
    Linking Rods for LP Panels 7/16″ by 38″