D-S Livestock Sheep Goat Cattle Handling Equipment
D-S Livestock Sheep Goat Cattle Handling Equipment



The first designed automatic head gate for sheep. Intended to be used in a raceway. When a sheep puts its head through, it locks automatically. With a flick of a handle, the sheep can continue down the raceway to be sorted. With a flip of another handle, the head gate returns to its original position, ready for another sheep. One side of the head gate is spring loaded to reduce chance of injury to the sheep. The other side is adjustable so the width can be changed for different sized sheep. The automatic head gate works equally well for small and large sheep. When used in conjunction with the SG1475 3 ½-foot solid double doors, you have complete access to the sheep. A head gate is a must for any serious shepherd. It holds sheep so they can’t move and is more efficient than having someone hold the sheep for you. When the sheep is restrained in the head gate, you can medicate, pregnancy test, ear tag, de-worm, or inspect it. The automatic head gate is pictured with a frame on the backside so it can be hooked directly to the TS900 sorter.

Overall width: