D-S Livestock Sheep Goat Cattle Handling Equipment
D-S Livestock Sheep Goat Cattle Handling Equipment



The swing slide gate is used in conjunction with CP41-08 8-foot curved tub panels to form a half circle, a “crowding pen,” not a forcing pen. When the animals are forced, they tend to go the opposite way. S44 linking rods are pushed slightly into the ground to maintain the circular shape of the system. A swing slide gate keeps the animals bunched at the entrance of the raceway and maintains the steady flow of animals into the system. The gate not only swings like a hinged door, but slides back through itself. When the gate is hinged up against the animals, another bunch can be brought in from behind. The gate can be pulled out from between the two groups so they merge into one. Using this method, the flow of animals isn’t interrupted. The crowding pen is formed into a U shape because sheep and goats flow better around a corner. Animals enter the crowding pen from behind the work station so if the shepherd is working by himself, everything is closer at hand. The gate slides on a nylon roller and pivots on ½-inch pins. Swing slide gate can be changed to circle left or right to suit individual needs.

8′ (96″)