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Sorting is an important aspect of many goat and sheep operations. However manual or hand sorting can be time and labor intensive. Having high-quality gates and sorting equipment can help manage your herds while also saving you precious man hours.

Here at D-S Livestock Equipment, we can work with you to develop a sorting system that meets the needs of your goat or sheep herd.

Our Two-Way Sorter folds to accommodate different raceway widths. It sorts animals left or right by a 24-inch operating handle. This keeps you away from the front of the sheep or goat so they exit the raceway better. The unit also has a lock to keep the sorter in left or right sort position.

Our Two-Way Sorter with Stop is a unique 3-in-1 gate that is easy to operate. It has a single handle that is capable of three different functions. It can stop animals, cut animals right, or cut animals left. The unit comes with a lock handle so it can be held securely in any position. The stop gate is built into the sorter allowing sheep and goats to be slowed for closer observation before sorting.

Our Bi-Fold Sorter with Stop has a center panel that folds flat while sorting left or right. When you put the unit in the neutral position, the panel folds out flat to act as a stop. It is operated by a 30-inch handle which can lock and unlock the sorter. This handle length provides you with added distance from the sorter so animals exit better. The unit also supports your raceway panels at the proper angle and width.

If you have a sheep or goat operation and you need quality sorting equipment, you should call 800-949-9997 to speak to a representative at D-S Livestock equipment.