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At D-S Livestock Equipment online, we specialize in offering all types of handling equipment for the goat, sheep and cattle industries. Whether you need top-quality show equipment, feeders, or loading and hauling equipment, we are here to help with a fast turnaround time. Our large inventory means we can provide your equipment essentials at competitive pricing.

For those who are presenting your show worthy goat, sheep or cattle, our livestock equipment offers you the opportunity to display your capabilities as a breeder while meeting with other professionals in your industry. Your animals will benefit when you strive to keep their stress levels to a minimum during this show season, whether when you are transporting them or preparing them for presentation. Our equipment can make your job easier.

We offer equipment such as fold-up stands to accommodate the different animal heights and sizes so you can show off your stock, as well as hay baskets that hold up to the demands of transportation as you travel from show to show.

Of course, along with hay baskets, we have a wide selection of feeders in general for your livestock needs:

-Single and double animal hay and grain feeder
-Six-sided feeder
-One-sided self-feeder with lid
-Two-sided self-feeder
-Poly feeder
-Adjustable grain feeders
-Big bale feeder
-Grain trough
-Fenceline feeder

Not only is our quality livestock equipment constructed of hot-dipped galvanized material to prevent rust formation but it also requires no paint, and yet often still remains more economical than our competitor’s. We are happy to ship your equipment throughout the United States, Canada, and more.

If you are looking for show circuit or other livestock equipment to keep your operation running smoothly, please call our facility in Frostburg, Maryland, at 800-949-9997 to place your order. Our team has over 30 years of experience in the industry and is ready to answer your questions and help you find the equipment you need.