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Are you trying to become more self-sufficient? For many people, a major part of the American dream involves being able to provide for those you love without need of outside assistance. If this is your ream raising livestock may help you reach it.

If you’re interested in raising livestock, goats may be a good place to start. They provide meat and milk that can help us sustain an independent life style. In fact, did you know that a female got, on average, can produce about 900 quarts of milk a year? However, if you are interested in raising goats for milk, there are a few things you should know. For instance, in order to have a productive milk farm, your goats will need to breed consistently.

You can also raise goats for their meat, though some breeds produce better meat than others. However, raising meat goats tends to be easier than raising dairy goats. Still, you plan on goats for meat, you’ll need to be aware that they will need to eat constantly if you’re hoping to have the highest profit.

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