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Sheep are a great option to raise for livestock ranchers who wants an animal that provides more than just meat and milk, like cows. Sheep provide wool, meat, milk, and cheese, and to top things off, they’ll eat weeds that other livestock won’t even look at. With their high reproductive rate and relative low expense to raise and maintain, sheep are an ideal animal to add to your livestock ranch.

Let’s look at a couple of the basics of raising sheep that any enterprising rancher needs to know.

They’re harder to fence than cattle

As any rancher can attest, fences are one of the most important parts of running a successful operation. Sheep are a bit harder to fence, since they have a tendency to wander, than cattle, but that problem is easily solved by building a solid, reliable perimeter fence with an interior fence to keep sheep feeding in whichever paddock has the most feed at any given time.

Feeding sheep

A lot of folks ranching sheep will use a natural pasture, supplemented with hay, for at least part of the year. You can add minerals and other grains to the natural grass if you desire, but it’s not necessary.

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