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Did you know that there are a few vitamins and minerals that your sheep will need to remain healthy? In fact, to avoid health problems, your sheep need sixteen different minerals. While some of these minerals can be found in what your sheep usually eat, other should be given to them in the form of supplements.

Sheep particularly need salt, calcium, and phosphorus to be healthy. Without salt, your animals will produce less milk, drink less water, and not grow as well. Furthermore, if sheep don’t have enough salt, they are more likely to eat poisonous plants. Your sheep also need calcium and phosphorous to avoid major health problems.

Again, it is extremely important to give your sheep the minerals they need. Without them, your sheep could give birth to weak lambs, be depressed, have metabolic problems, and have poor fertility. Conversely, if your sheep get too much of any mineral they may experience a variety of other problems. Fortunately, there are a variety of mineral mixes that are combined with your sheep in mind. Depending on the mix you choose, you may need to add salt on your own or need to stop your sheep from finding salt. We recommend asking your provider more specific information.

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