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Ranchers know the ins and outs of raising cattle. The age-old adage, “The only way to make a million in ranching is to start with two million” rings true for many ranchers.

However, a lot of agricultural folks have recently turned to goats as a solid investment alongside larger cattle or dairy operations. But is the trend really producing a positive ROI?

Let’s take a look.

Know your goat

One of the biggest challenges with raising goats – for both meat and dairy purposes – is the fact that they’ll eat just about anything. To raise a healthy herd you need to make sure they have access to clean water and food at all times. Here at D-S Livestock Equipment we have plenty of goat feeding equipment to take this worry away from your herd.

Show goats

If you have any interest in showing goats, you need to socialize with them on a daily basis. It takes a while for goats to become friendly with humans, so ensuring that you spend a good amount of time with them makes sure they’ll be great once show season rolls around.

Goats can be a great investment for any rancher looking to produce a bit of extra money. If you have more questions, call us today at 800-949-9997.