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Raising sheep that are show-worthy isn’t the easiest task. It requires special attention to the sheep that you think can make it big on the show circuit.

Luckily, we have a few tips (and more than enough equipment) to help you raise show-worthy sheep. Let’s take a look at a few basic tips for raising show-worthy sheep.

Energy is important
A big part of a winning sheep’s diet is high-energy food sources. Things like carbohydrates, fat, and excess protein in your sheep’s diet will give it more energy, which helps you raise the best-looking, award-winning sheep.

This is frequently the most expensive part of a sheep’s diet, but if you want to win any of the livestock sheep shows, you’ll need to make sure your sheep get the protein they need. The most common protein supplement for sheep is soybean meal. Our feeders here at D-S Livestock Equipment are protected from rain and have a 36-inch long trough. It can hold 300 pounds’ worth of grains to feed your sheep.

Another important aspect of a show-winning sheep’s diet is salt. Salt is an important mineral for regulating the functions in the bodies of sheep, and help maintain the sheep’s skeleton. Low salt totals can result in rickets or a delicate skeleton. Neither of those issues will provide you a show-winning sheep.

Raising a show-winning sheep takes hard work, but with the help of your products here at D-S Livestock Equipment we’ll help you raise the wining sheep you want.