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Farming isn’t an easy business, and it’s made harder if your herd isn’t as healthy as possible. And when you’re dealing with goats (a herd that’s notoriously difficult to profitably manage) you need them as healthy as possible.

Let’s look at a few examples of how to keep your goats healthy and your operations running smoothly.

Find a Vet you Trust

Your goats will need a vet, largely to help against parasites. If you’re planning on selling their milk, this is imperative. Make sure to find a good vet whom you trust, and one who has experience with goats. A vet that knows and understands goats is going to be far more
efficacious for you in the long run than someone who doesn’t deal with goats on a regular basis.

Reduce Stress

Your goats won’t be as healthy if they’re unduly stressed. While it may seem odd to think about what could “stress” a goat, consider how much change in things like their usual routine, travel, diet, or environment could stress your herd.

Trim Hooves

Goats need their hooves trimmed on a consistent basis. The schedule depends on the breed of goats you own, and how active they are. For the best trimming experience, try and make it pleasant, or neutral at the very least, for your goats.

Following these tips will help you have a healthier and profitable herd. If you have any questions, or need goat equipment, contact us today at 800-949-9997.