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Goat’s milk is becoming an increasingly popular part of modern-day diets. But is it healthy? And what makes it so different from cow’s milk?

Goat’s milk is actually the closest in structure for human milk than anything else in the animal kingdom. This means it’s easier for humans to digest – and even works against milk allergies. According to a recent study, 93% of infants who were allergic to cow’s milk were able to drink goat’s milk without any problems.

Goat’s milk is also a bit healthier than cow’s milk, because it contains less lactose, or milk sugars.

So yes, goat’s milk is definitely a healthy option, and if you’re allergic to cow’s milk, it might be a great alternative to supplement your diet.

However, goat’s milk does have an unusual taste. Certain breeds of goats produce milk that isn’t the best-tasting. And, since goats are smaller animals than cows, they produce less milk. If you’re thinking about getting goats to have your own source of milk, instead of trying to find it for sale at an organic food store, you’ll need to make sure you get enough goats to meet your milk needs. You’ll also want to try milk from several different breeds of goats to find the one you like best.

If you’re interested in owning goats to have your own milk, you can contact us here at D-S Livestock Equipment and we’ll get you set up with the equipment you need to safely raise your goats.