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If you are new to livestock equipment, you may need to know a thing or two about the essential equipment pieces to help make your goat business run properly. Here at D-S Livestock Equipment, we are prepared to give you an in-depth look at basic equipment pieces you will need to run a successful business.


Like any other animal, it is important to feed your goats. There are several different types of feeders out on the market, from bale feeders, hay baskets, to troughs. Our recommendation would be a combination feeder, where you have the ability to feed your goats hay and grain in one equipment piece.

Located in an area that rains a lot? Not a problem, there are several feeders that offer protection from the outside elements.

Handling Systems

Handling systems can go from very basic to extremely complex. Depending on the size of your business, you will want to choose a system that is right for you. These systems contain components that will allow you to sort, deworm, inspect or tag your goats without harming the animal or you.


Weighing your goats is important for your business because it helps record the health of each goat. When you know the weight of a goat, you have the ability to calculate medication dosage, balance food rations and monitor any weight gain.

Work Tables

Having work table is essential for your goat business. Many times it can be difficult to handle, flip and keep a livestock animal still. We provide work table and station options for you so you don’t have to worry about that. Most work tables will secure the animal upright, allowing the goat to be flipped without any complications.

So no matter what your decision is, it is important to always have the safety of you and your animals in mind. Please give a call at 800-949-9997 today! We will make sure you have the best for your business.