D-S Livestock Sheep Goat Cattle Handling Equipment
D-S Livestock Sheep Goat Cattle Handling Equipment
  • RM6000


    The RM6000 comes completely galvanized so it won’t rust. Unit has solid floor and solid sides so calves enter more easily with less distractions towards our V-type manual head gate. RM6000 is good for calves to 300-350 lbs. The sides of the chute squeeze evenly from both sides keeping calves centered in the head gate, and making it easy to roll them over. Unit also has an adjustable head table to keep their head from flopping around, when rolled onto the side. The back side has a 12 inch strip of carpet like material to reduce calves from sliding around. With the help of an adjustable back support and the head gate it keeps calves controlled.

    Length Ring to Ring: 53″ / Length Inside: 48″ / Width Inside: V-10-21″ / Height Inside: 39″ / Width: 42″ / Weight: 275 lb (125 kg)


  • test product


    Detail Name 1: / Weight: 0 lb (0 kg)


  • WY-13


    Easily move RM6000 with ATV or tractor with adjustable wheel and yoke set. Has 13″ foam tires.

    Weight: 45 lb (20.5 kg)