D-S Livestock Sheep Goat Cattle Handling Equipment

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D-S Livestock Sheep Goat Cattle Handling Equipment
(NOTE: Some door latches have changed)
  • RM6000

    Roll O’Matic

    Our NEW RM6000 comes completely galvanized so it won’t rust. Has solid tread plate floor with solid sides, so animals enter more easily with less distraction toward our V-type manual head gate. TM6000 is good for horned or polled sheep and goats. The backside has a 12-inch strip of carpet with the help of a back support and head gate to keep animal in position. Unit can be connected to the end of your raceway.

    Weight: 275 oz lbs. (125 kg)


  • RM6000S


    Unit comes completely installed with 4 beam load cells, weigh indicator and indicator holder. Save time and money getting your animals weight fast and accurate while working them in your Roll table without the need of a separate scale.

    Our RM6000S comes completely galvanized so it won’t rust. Has solid tread plate floor with solid sides, so animals enter more easily with less distractions toward our V-type manual headgate. RM6000 is good for horned or pulled sheep and goats. The backside has a 12 inch strip of carpet with the help of a back support and headgate to keep animal in position. Unit can be connected to the end of your raceway.

    Weight: 310 oz lbs. (140.9 kg)


  • WY-03


    Used for moving RM6000. Can be towed with tractor or ATV. Yoke is adjustable.

    Available with yoke set.

    10″ Wheels
    38 lbs
    13″ Wheels
    45 lbs
  • SC2-3


    The SC2-3 pair of automatic closing door panels gives you easy access to the animal’s head. These panels allow you to add a sorter to the end of your RM6000 or just extend your raceway. The far-side door panel opens partially as the animal is rolled over to allow for the animal’s head and returns to closed position when the table is rolled back. Doors can also be locked in the open position.

    Add a sorter to the end of your RM6000
    (BS800 works best because of 30″ arm)

    Bi Sorter
    75 lbs
    Pair of Doors
    82 lbs
    Linking Rod
    6 lbs
    163 lbs
    Weight: 82 oz lbs. (37.3 kg)


  • TM5000


    The electric lift and turn machine for sheep and goats. Equipment is hot dipped galvanized. Can’t trim your animal’s feet? Turn tables too hard to operate? Now there’s a solution: the TM5000 Turn O’Matic. To operate, the sheep or goat enters TM5000 chute and you squeeze them up tight and push the button. Unit lifts and turns animal on its side and automatically stops when complete. Next, you release the drop-away floor and trim their feet. When the job is done, you rotate the floor back in place, push the button, the unit rotates back down, and you release the animal. It’s just that easy!

    Benefits of the TM5000

    1. The TM5000 not only turns the animal on its side, but it also lifts the animal to a better working height of 42 inches.
    2. The TM5000 chute width is adjustable for different size animals.
    3. The TM5000 has a 12-inch strip of indoor/outdoor carpet fastened on the table back to reduce squirming and sliding.
    4. The TM5000 squeeze side of the chute has the same carpet as back to contour with the animal’s body and create friction to help the animal from squirming and sliding around. The animals rest very comfortably in this unit, making foot trimming easier.
    5. The TM5000 can be used on horned animals.
    6. The TM5000 cycle time is 7 seconds up or down.
    7. TM5000 is powered by a 110 4.5 amp 460 watt motor and has a 1-year warranty.
    8. TM5000 lift capacity is about 450 lbs.


    310 lbs
    400 lbs
    TW50 Optional Wheel Set
    37 lbs
    TG5 Optional Bolt On End Gate
    12 lbs
    Width: 60″ / Depth: 54″ / Height: 66″
  • TG5


    This is a bolt-on end gate for TM5000 and can go on the left or right side. This end gate can be used if TM5000 is at the end of your raceway or if you hand feed your animals into it. Gate has a spring-loaded latch.

    Ships via UPS.

    Weight: 12 oz lbs. (5.5 kg)


  • TW50


    These portable wheel assembles work on both the TM5000 and WS8000 work tables. TW50 has 10-inch solid wheels. When you install the handles and push down and lock them in, it raises the table 5 inches off the ground. These tables are well balanced so it’s a matter of pushing them, not lifting them.

    Weight: 37 oz lbs. (16.8 kg)


  • WS8000


    Our WS8000 goes from ground level to 36 inches off the ground in 15 seconds. Unit comes with ground Rollin’ Stop Gate so it can be hooked into your raceway and has a bi-fold gate on work deck. Once the sheep or goat enters the platform, you pull the overhead bar and weigh them. Then you open the head gate enough to entice them in and lock them up. The platform has double access doors, so you can work on them at whatever height you like. When done, you can realease them either straight through the head gate or out the side doors. Lift motor comes with a 1-year warranty. WS8000 comes with D400 Dial.

    390 lbs
    Now $1595.00
    TW50 Optional Wheel Set
    37 lbs
    Length: 58″ / Width: 54″ / Height: 7′ – 10′
  • BB2010


    The BB2010 is very heavy-duty quality construction. This 24-inch-high deck is ideal for worming, ear tagging, trimming feet, giving shots, and all sorts of other things. Unit comes complete with a 5-foot-long ramp to a 24-inch-high deck that has a drop gate at the top of the deck. Deck and ramp has a tread plate floor for sure footing. There are right and left side access doors on both sides of the deck, with a manual head gate at the front, which has a swing-out head cage. Head gate never needs adjustment, whether it’s a small animal or a large animal. Always remember automatic head gates do not work on decks and do not work with horned animals!

    Our unique head cage allows the head gate to be open wide so animals come farther forward but can’t jump through for easy lockup, then you can swing the head cage out of the way. When you release your animal from the head gate, they will automatically back up, so you just let them jump down (exit) from the right or left side. Down ramps only get in the way!

    Our newest version comes with a removable floor so you can insert a WP42-1 or 2 digital weight platform into the work deck. Now you can combine two steps in one, saving time and putting less stress on your animals.

    410 lbs
    BB2010 W/WP42-1
    470 lbs
    Length: 120″ / Height: 103″ / Width at base: 36″ / Width at chute: 20″